ASTRO digital technology represents a revolution in two-way radio communications. It delivers consistent voice quality throughout your coverage area, enhanced signalling and control, greater spectral efficiency and improved secure communications.

Flexible network solutions

  • The economy of integrated voice and data.
    ASTRO™ support integrated voice and data communications. You can maximize your investment by adding data to your existing voice network to implement database inquiry and retrieval. And as your needs change, the system can be reconfigured to allow dedicated data on a separate channel. These include full Computer-Aided Dispatch and 911 incident reporting as well as mobile work ticket applications.

  • Analog/digital flexibility.
    You can also have the confidence of knowing that narrowband digital technology is available today on ASTRO. And because ASTRO™ allows you to select from multiple bandwidths in current analog technology, it preserves your current investment. As you move to digital technology, you can continue to communicate with analog users.

  • Maximum Interoperability
    ASTRO™ radios are designed for maximum interoperability - not only with Motorola systems but with other radios that use the Project 25 Common Air Interface. Yet with ASTRO™, Motorola did more than meet Project 25 standards. They went beyond them. Not only do ASTRO™ radios include Project 25 interoperable voice features, but also other advanced capabilities such as MDC-1200 analog signalling. This ensures users can continue to take advantage of such familiar communications feaures as push-to-talk identifications, selective call and emergency alarm, selective radio inhibit, over-the-air rekeying, message update and telephone interconnect.

  • Software Intensive Design
    ASTRO™ is leading-edge technology with built-in software upgrade capabilities to give you a flexible, cost-effective migration path to the digital narrowband systems of the future.

    This is another way that Motorola protects the value of your investment. Many ASTRO™ system components - including mobiles, portables and stations - carry a "flash" memory chip to store the radio's personality and features. FLASHport® lets you "flash" new software when your system requirements change. Add enhancements quickly and easily on-site - or modify radios and system infrastructure by loading new software.


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