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Motorola's APCO 25 Solution

Invest in your digital future with Motorola ASTRO digital radios

Investing in an ASTRO digital radio from Motorola benefits you in many ways. For years ASTRO has enhanced
the operations of today's users while keeping open the door to tomorrow's technology with increased spectral
efficiency and advanced digital features.




Enhanced features for better communications

ASTRO two-way radios feature embedded signaling. This capability makes the system more reliable and
versatile by intermixing system signaling information with digital voice.

For example, the Unit ID display option enables ASTRO radios to display the identity of the caller. The
enhanced Digital Priority Scan can also provide improved operator efficiency. This feature allows radio
users to listen only to the calls they want to hear by letting them scan both clear and encrypted channels.

Enhanced encryption capabilities

If your operation uses a system with encryption, you will appreciate the advancements ASTRO brings
to secure communications. There is no longer a trade-off required when choosing between system
performance and system security. When the signal is encrypted, audio quality and range performance
are not degraded.


ASTRO radios also allow you to segment different secure teams within your own organization by
using one of the 116 optional multiple encryption keys. Interoperability among different groups or
agencies is possible simply by sharing common keys.

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