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Quantar VHF Base Station/Repeater

Motorola's VHF Quantar Station/Repeater is a 125-10 watt station/repeater, available for use in conventional
(both local and wide area), Trunking (SMARTNET and SmartZone), and VHF networks. VHF Quantar offers
reliable solid-state performance in continuous duty cycle operation.

Configurable - The Quantar Station/Repeater provides Analog or ASTRO operation in conventional, SmartNet,
or SmartZone systems.
IntelliRepeaterô Operation - Quantar can provide IntelliRepeaterô operation in trunked QUANTAR systems,
eliminating the need for a central site controller.
Continuous duty cycle operation - This station/repeater includes a switching power supply that functions over
a wide range of voltages and frequencies and a battery reverting function that can be used in the event of a site
power failure.
Option of conventional Project 25 compliance
Option of Trunked Voice CAI compliance

Software intensive design - The software inherent in the Quantar design allows features and system
configurations to be specified through your choice of the appropriate software options. Quantar's software
intensive design allows for simplified system migration and feature upgrade.
Compact Dimensions - Utilize your expensive site space efficiently with Motorola's Quantar Station/Repeater.
It operates in a standard EIA 19" rack mount configuration.
Shortened Installation and Maintenance Time - The Quantar Station/Repeater is a field replaceable unit (FRU)
that comes complete with programming and diagnostic testing that can be performed through a personal computer.
Quantar's self-testing also reduces the burden of regular maintenance.

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