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remember one thing that you learned from reviewing this web site, remember this,

Never ever, never, ever replace a battery with anything other than a factory original! If you have a Motorola
radio, replace the battery with a Motorola battery! Think about it. The reputation of Motorola and the product
hinge on the best performance at the most reasonable cost. Doesn't it make sense that Motorola would thoroughly
review all available batteries, regardless of chemistry or manufacturer before selecting the battery to go into the
radio with their name on it?

We know there are less expensive aftermarket batteries, some offering longer warranties, more capacity, and
better chemistry. Lets talk about that longer warranty. My cell phone replacement battery has a one-year
warranty. It failed in eight months. It happens to be a Lithium Ion (lion). Isn't this the best battery? Then why
did it fail? The reason it failed was because it had reached the end of its life cycle, which is predetermined by
the number of times the battery is charged. Actually, the battery that will normally last the longest WITH
PROPER CHARGING is the much-maligned Nickel Cadmium (NiCd).

So what use was the warranty to me? ABSOLUTELY NONE! I still had to buy a replacement. I still had to
send the defective battery back with proof of purchase (you KNOW I had that!). The bottom line is that both
Lithium Ion and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries provide more capacity, have less tendency to develop a memory,
are lighter weight, and have less toxic effects on the environment.

We tend to like NiMH and LiIon batteries but they are not always the best choice. It is not our intent to give
you a degree in battery engineering, but we think it is important that we provide you adequate information to
make a proper decision.

Even the charger becomes a factor when determining operating cost. An inexpensive constant rate wall
charger is absolutely the worst charger you can pick for ANY application. A rapid charger with switching
circuitry is much better, and a rapid conditioning (exercises the battery) is the best.

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