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Key Variable Loaders (KVL) are required to load encryption
keys for all secure equipped products containing cryptographic
applications, in either ASTRO® mode or Dimetra mode.
The KVL 3000 Plus provides key material management
through a battery powered portable device.

Capacity of 1,024 Encryption Keys

Manages critical information, freeing operators from tedious,
time consuming tasks

Supports two types of key management -
The KVL 3000 Plus supports Advanced Securenet Mode (ASN),
the standard mode of operation, and ASTRO 25 mode.
ASN provides Physical Identifier (PID) key
management while ASTRO 25 mode offers
Common Key Reference (CKR) key management.

Upgradeable - Upgrade firmware using an external
PCMCIA FLASHport™ upgrade card.

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