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The MINITOR IV pager is one of Motorola's most robust paging devices to date.
MINITOR IV's enhanced functionality and dependability allows your agency to
confidently dispatch your fire and safety personnel.

Function Select - MINITOR IV's redesigned Function Select switch enables users to feel a firm, solid click when
toggling between pager functions.
2-Channel Priority Scan - 2 Channel MINITOR IV's enable users to scan both channels for pages while giving
priority to pages received on channel 1.
2 minutes dynamic voice storage
Monitor Mode - The pager's monitor mode feature permits users to listen to all communication on the selected
Tone or vibrate alert
Compatibility with MINITOR III chargers and accessories.

Ruggedized design - MINITOR IV's rugged housing designs adds to the pager's overall durability. The unit
features a sturdy one-piece construction and redesigned knobs that are larger and more tapered, allowing for
easier gripping while wearing gloves.
Manual reset
Synthesized receiver

Field-programmable frequencies and codes
4 individual and 2 group codes per channel
Speaker/earphone jack
MIL standard 810 F Procedures II for rain
User-friendly styling

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