Alert Tone Only Pagers are the simplest type of pager, when paged, they respond with a
loud beeping tone and a flashing indicator, nothing more.

Voice Pagers respond to a page with a short beeping tone and turning on its speaker, so the
voice message may be heard. Some voice pagers have the capability to store several voice
messages, for when the pager user is unable to listen to the page or so the messages may be
reviewed for clarification.

Numeric Pagers allow a phone number, extension, or other numeric information to be
display on the pager. Most pagers have the ability to store several messages for review.

Alphanumeric Pagers transcend traditional pagers by displaying complete
information and messages. Information such as: flight changes, changes
in a meeting or other information crucial in your business day. Alphanumeric
information may be keyed into the paging system from a Alpha terminal or
a personal computer.

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